The Only New Years Resolution Worth Having

Lose weight? Get fit? Make more money? None of it means a jot if you don't feel, deep down, a sense of self-love.

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Feeling love inside is more important than anything else - to you and the people and planet you might care about. Every other New Year's resolution is designed to get us that love anyway! You can switch on right now, thrive and come alive with real self-love. There is nothing new to get, just some old bullsh*t to let go of. Join me in finding out how.

Nick Seneca Jankel

Author of "Switch On" & Founder of Global Wisdom & Wellbeing Community, -

As well as a psychological coach and wisdom teacher, Nick is a world-renowned innovation and leadership expert with a Triple First from Cambridge University in medicine and philosophy. Nick has been described by The Sunday Times as "[a] glam spiritual activist. " Nick presented a BBC TV series as a coach, transforming addiction. He coached Jodie Marsh on the highest-rated MTV series in history.