Positive Thinking - 3 Words To Improve Yourself In Anything

In this video I share with you the three words that can help you to improve in anything plus my own personal example of using this method to teach myself one of the scariest things I've ever learnt to do...

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This week your Life Cleanse is all about your inner dialogue and how you can harness it to create positive thinking and improve in anything.

So tell me, what would you love to be better at?

Saving money?
Remember things?
Being stronger?
Having good ideas?

We all have natural gifts and talents BUT some things we have to work on, the question is…. Is that just the way we ARE or is the WAY we are the problem?

I believe we can improve in anything by changing the WAY we speak to ourselves and I know this to be true for myself and my clients by changing the way we use three very powerful words…

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Lydia Kimmerling

Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, The Happiness Explorer

Hey, I'm Lydia Kimmerling I am MAD, CRAZY, PASSIONATE about helping you to create a life you're super excited to wake up to. Being happy...ish, inspired...ish and fulfilled...ish is never quite enough, is it? When you feel like there is "more" out there for you, it's because there is. A life where you can't remember the last time you worried, stressed or doubted yourself and your friends ask you "What's your secret?" because you GLOW, SPARKLE and SHINE. That can be you and I will show you how. I got my first television job at 17, ran my own restaurant in Panama at 22, taught Hip Hop in Cornwall at 26, was cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic at 28, coached CEO's on confidence at 29, then at 30 took the leap as a certified life & business coach with The International Coaching Federation to launch my very own transformational company called The Happiness Explorer. I am a master of change, so I can tell you that there is NEVER really anything to fear, but has it always been easy? NO! I have blocks, down days and self-doubt too, life doesn't stop throwing you curve balls, it's how you catch the ball and throw it back that changes. Plus, you never know until you try, right? At 32, I now know what the key is to waking up every single day excited about the life you live. It is to know yourself inside and out and to love every part of who you are.The more you know yourself, the more of you there is to love and the more you love yourself, the more you want to give yourself a life you love. The question is…What do you really want?