How the impact of your belief affects you.

Trusting your own inner guidance might be a leap of faith for some, but here's why you need to trust what's right for you in a world of others opinions.

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Jun 24, 2014

We live in a time when we have more information available to us than ever before. I find it exciting and stimulating yet at the same time I object to the bombardment of ‘warnings’. You only have to scroll down the wall of Facebook to read how many things might kill you if eaten in the next 24 hours! Ok, I admit I enjoy having some dramatic friends! Yet it’s important to be really clear with yourself about what you are buying into. Did you know the UK crime rates went down last year, but the fear of crime went up?! Our perceptions govern our lives more than reality in so many ways.

You might have heard of the placebo effect. Often used in medical testing, a person is given a pill with no potential of curing an ill, whilst someone else is given a pill that is believed to be able to cure. Sometimes the person who has taken the placebo pill (often made of nothing much but sugar) will get better. The importance of the placebo effect points to our perception and the brain's role in physical health. In basic terms, you can physically create in your body what you believe to be true in your mind.

Placebo is Latin for ‘I shall please’ and it also has a less commonly used opposite term Nocebo, which means ‘I shall harm.’ When in medical experiments/tests someone is told they are being given Chemo even when they are not and yet they can still have symptom side effects such as hair loss without ever really having had the Chemo.

Our negative belief may also have an effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. For example, many years ago I had a client in an usual situation. I often see clients stuck at difficult points in a relationship, but this was different. The lady sitting in front of me had been happily married for three years, until one day she decided to get her husband’s wedding jacket dry cleaned as he would need it for another event they were attending. He hadn’t worn it since their wedding day, and in the pocket she found a cling film wrap in the shape of a love heart. Inside the wrap was black salt, a red chilli and a long nail through the centre which she believed to be a voodoo curse. From the moment of finding it and showing it to her husband the relationship began to struggle. The object had only caused a perceived problem when it was found, and became conscious in the mind of my client. The issue for me was that because she believed so strongly in the voodoo to undo the Nocebo I had to create a Placebo and do some rattle shaking of my own. Needless to say the curse lifted and two happy people are now a family of four!

So how do we decide between what’s fact and what’s fiction for our own lives? For me it’s a basic understanding that we all comprehend the world in multiple ways, not just with the information based brain we took to school. We know through, emotions, sensations, and of course our intuition! With intuition we have a powerful opportunity to side step both the Placebo and the Nocebo, because our intuition is a knowing without using the logical mind. It’s not to say a little logic doesn’t come into it. But when we don’t use words, the words of others don’t have such a strong impact. A client of mine had a strong belief that she wasn’t loveable, sadly this was given to her by her own mother. I asked her to side step the thought, put her hand on her heart and become curious about her own lovability. As her eyes welled up she finally understood intuitively that she had been sold a lie based on her mother’s own insecurity.

On this blog page I will share with you many ways you can connect to your own self belief; but if you’re feeling hungry for it now, head on over to or to my book ‘You Do Know - Learning to act on intuition instantly’. Find me on Facebook, twitter or more blogs in the Huffington post. I enjoy comments and interaction as I don’t write for the good of my health; it’s for the good of yours :)

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Joanne Lovett almost 6 years ago

Thank you Becky, I know what you mean about the effect of perception. I had always felt so comfortable going to my father's home. In fact he has been very happy there. With lots of help he was moved from residential into his own place and with lots of effort he has decorated just as he wanted. And the icing on the cake was his lovely little cat his grand daughter gifted him called Daisy. He has a communal garden that was not up kept by those who were responsible for it ;-) (that's being dealt with now!) Yet, in January 2014, his carer was attacked at 7pm. On the Friday before the attack the carer was speaking in a team meeting about being the only one with a rape alarm. And she was the very carer who was attacked. And since the attack I am more cautious myself about visiting in the evenings. At first dad was listening to other family members anxieties. But, when he heard that if he had to move he may not be able to take Daisy his cat he said "No he and Daisy would be fine because it would not be home without Daisy".

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Becky Walsh almost 6 years ago

Thanks Joanne, it's interesting stuff and you have taken the subject a stage further to what we manifest in the outside world. I know this has been true in my own life, I learnt some self-defence and never faced a time to need it again!

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Joanne Lovett almost 6 years ago

Becky, do you not agree though we need to protect ourselves from the unconsciousness of some people, or are you saying that its all about attraction and perception?

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Becky Walsh over 5 years ago

Hey Joanne
I have an interest in Rupert Sheldrake's work on 'morphic fields' but I don't believe we need to protect ourselves from other peoples unconsciousness. Unconscious actions yes! But that's called getting a thick skin! :)