Week 47- Hallelujiah

Turn off the tv and do something more interesting instead…..

Nov 14, 2016

This week’s experiment was to stop turning on our tv and tuning out so we have more time to do the things we love. I didn’t find this difficult. I rarely manage to watch any tv anyway. Unless I am ill or hungover, this is the only time I can zone out and watch something. There is always something that needs to be done and if there isn’t I start rearranging the furniture.. this is completely true.

This week, Leonard Cohen died at the age of 82. I think I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that he provided the soundtrack to my ‘70’s childhood thanks to my big sisters impeccable taste in music. We have lost so many great people already this year and now another one. I have fond memories of trips to the beach on long hot summer Sundays with his gritty, melancholy but romantic lyrics coming from the speakers of my sisters boyfriends brown Cortina on his 8 track tape. Those lyrics created pictures in my mind. I’ve often wondered who these women were that inspired such lyrics, who was Marianne and Suzanne with her tea and oranges…who was it in the Chelsea Hotel… was it Janis Joplin as Rolling Stones magazine would suggest and who wore that famous blue raincoat? So rest in peace Leo, if I may call you Leo, and thank you for the music.

Still on a music theme, when I downsized a few years ago from a five storey Victorian terrace – I had a lot of stuffication to do. I’d managed to get it down to one room of unwanted furniture which a local hospice was picking up and my old records and ancient stereo. The same sis called around to see if she could help, she said they had a crate in the company where she worked which they could fill with anything for charity – so I said can you take them- my records, and everything else. She said 'are you sure..?' about the records, knowing how much the music had meant to me , yes I said as I had two days to go to moving and things just had to find a home. Fast forward to August this year, I asked her out for lunch on her birthday. Off we went to the local garden centre and café and as we sat outside among the olive and cherry trees, she stirred her coffee and looked at me and asked me if I had regretted getting rid of my records, I shrugged and said ‘ I guess so’ but reasoned I had no room for them at the time. She said, ‘I thought you’d say that.’ She then told me she had kept them all for me in her attic and ‘they are there for you whenever you want to pick them up’. So this week in honour of Leonard and in perfect timing for this week’s challenge I have collected my old record collection from my sister’s house, I’ve bought myself a cheap record player, and I’ve played some records for the first time in a long time. The minute the stylus hit the vinyl and that scratchy imperfect sound started I was time travelling backwards and forwards, and in my own little heaven and besides I have a 4000 word essay to write about tongue diagnosis in Chinese medicine so there is really no time for telly.

Ps and I found out who Marianne was..

Ffi Ffi Trixibelle

I'm a single parent of ONE lovely lanky teenager.. I live in deepest rural Wales . My 'proper' job is in marketing and events but I am also a trained reflexologist, masseur and reiki giver (go figure!) I also look after my Mum who is in her late 80's, my dog Ted, my cat Black and my hens and goldfish...my dream is to have a small holding and offer people holidays in my teepee and maybe the odd therapy ....so as you can see I am a mass of contradictions.... I like to walk, do yoga, eat salad and visit new places but I also like to drive fast, Feast ice lollies, vodka on Friday's with friends(, which leads to dancing in my kitchen) my coffee , and staying up late... I can be outgoing but also extremely shy so like the rest of you I am still trying to figure it out one day at a time...


Jacqui almost 3 years ago

Who was Marianne? Wonderful about the vinyl. Ours are in the loft along with so many cassettes of play lists Simon used to make. Time to dig them out and get that tattoo....!!!

Ffi Ffi Trixibelle almost 3 years ago

yes definitely mix tapes are the best!! Click on the link it tells you all about their love x

Jacqui almost 3 years ago

Oh I have just read about Marianne. How beautiful.

Mark Cuddy almost 3 years ago

What your sister did with your records is beautiful and I am going to incorporate it into a story I'm writing at the moment. It is great inspiration. yeah-yeah! Thank you.

Mark Cuddy almost 3 years ago

Oh yeah, I like the 'Why don't you' intro too. Class.

Sarah-Kate Goodwin almost 3 years ago

wish I was in the room listening with you Fi, I have no doubt you have the best collection of music. Great use of time and I forgot all about the television ready this post x

Ffi Ffi Trixibelle almost 3 years ago

Oh Jacqui what love they must have had to inspire such a song...Mark I think it was pretty damn cool too Mark but she's a cool and brave type of woman and I'm very proud of her and delighted she thought to do this for me. Haha well we are the same age I believe Mark so have similar 70's references...and Sarah you are welcome to come over and listen to some tuuuunessss! Especially on a Friday night ;)

Vanessa over 2 years ago

What a fantastic sister! Enjoy your records, lovely!