Great Wake Up Blog: Week #22

Okay - THIS is the challenge I've been most excited/thrilled about.

May 25, 2016

Okay - THIS is the challenge I've been most excited/thrilled about.

A bit of backstory - I'm a big guy but I LOVE to dance. Completely, truly, wholeheartedly. I might not be a whiz when it comes to proper steps and everything, but I love nothing more than letting lose and dancing it all out. Good day, bad day, whatever. It can be the best way to wake up and a fantastic way to exercise before going to bed (fun fact: I once was feeling a bit of listless and restless at 2am and couldn't get to sleep; I put on a heavy electronic mix of a pop song, danced like a madman for about five minutes, and then went and had an amazing night's sleep.)

This challenge was so much fun for me and it's made me realise how I can lose sight of something as fun and fundamental as dancing in my daily routine. I need to be doing every day, even if it's a thirty second shoulder shake or hip sway when I'm lost in some of my very favourite tunes. I already get bemused looks from people on the bus on the way into work when I forget where I am and start lip-syncing the words to the song I'm listening to - what does it matter if I add a little shoulder shimmy into the mix?

This week I got to have a proper, no-holds-barred excuse to jam out to the Jacksons, lose myself to Lady Gaga, jump around to Joan Jett, and even have a rockout to Ra Ra Riot and Robyn. Now I know - I have to make this a ten-minute part of my day that I cannot sacrifice again. After all, it's my wellbeing and happiness at stake. Time to get movin'...


Jacqui about 3 years ago

Do with you on this!

Jacqui about 3 years ago

That should be

Ffi Ffi Trixibelle about 3 years ago

Loved this blog... must try that next time I can't sleep.

Chris Baréz-Brown about 3 years ago

boogie to sleep! thats a new one for me. Loved the energy of this

Sarah-Kate Goodwin about 3 years ago

Loving your eclectic taste in music Chris- just reading your post made me bop my head!