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Our challenge for The Great Wake Up this week was to wake up one hour earlier to indulge our passion - help!

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Mar 11, 2016

As I look back on this week I'm not sure whether to count it as a success, a failure or simply a lesson. I loved the idea of spending an hour a day devoting time to a passion that I'd not had time for up until now. And it's not like I didn't have any ideas... I just had some challenges.

This challenge came up while I was on holiday, which was unfortunate because the things I needed were at home. Then I got home and had not one but two prospective clients get in touch for urgent proposals for work (heady stuff for a relatively new business). And I'd picked up a nasty cold on the boat so my energy levels were at a low ebb from nights of coughing. And I already wake up at 5.30...

But I tried. I scratched the waking up earlier (seriously... 4.30???) but on two days I did find an hour to dedicate to a project I've had on my wish list for a couple of years. And I loved it - it was amazing to feel my brain responding to a new challenge and find time slipping by without me even noticing. Then I took a long look in the mirror for some honesty.

I've just started a business, which is going well and is allowing me to build a life doing something I enjoy that also has space for other projects, but it does take time to win (and do) the work. And I do have other projects. I'm training for, effectively, a marathon (OK, you walk the Moonwalk, but it's still the length of a marathon!) as part of trying to restore my health and energy. I'm taking part in The Great Wake Up, which requires time and focus in addition to my regular writing. And I still like to have some time for friends and family...

So, for now, my decision was on the side of balance. I've put the project back on the shelf until I have a bit more space in my life. But at least it's there now as a glowing memory, exciting me with the thoughts of the fun waiting for me when the time is right and encouraging me with the new knowledge that I can do it. One day.

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Jacqui about 4 years ago

Sounds like you are so busy already! I think at times like this just nodding in the direction of passions to follow at a later date is comforting but I agree reality and balance need to be firmly in focus.

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Chris Baréz-Brown about 4 years ago

Vanessa, you are right, the moment needs to be right (and 4:30 is toooo early!!) Good luck with the new biz. Exciting times. C x

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Sarah-Kate Goodwin about 4 years ago

Sounds like your getting up early enough to do something you have always wanted to do in the form of your new business adventure. Amazing Vanessa!