Tune in to your body clock

Week 7 of The Great Wake Up was all about tuning in to your body's rhythms - or at least trying to find them in the dissonance...

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I loved the sound of this experiment - although I went into it with low expectations of being able to achieve it. I decided to start the experiment on Saturday, so I could have some hope of success given we had a (rare) free weekend. (Chris, you timed this one well!)

We turned off the clock and I woke up both days without the alarm (although interesting still just before 6am) and pottered through the mornings waiting for my husband to wake up. I have a confession to make - in the end I eventually sent the cat in to wake him on both days. On Saturday my body clock wanted breakfast - it was after 10am, after all - and on Sunday I'd planned a training walk that he wanted to join me for (I held out until 8am that day).

For me, it was mostly fantastic - waking up early, exercising and making a fresh start to my day. My husband was less impressed, and I can't blame him. (BTW, this is the same husband who, when I'm easing down for sleep at 9pm, will try to engage me in long, detailed conversations - we're still married because they are, to be fair interesting...).

Monday and Tuesday were back to work, when the clock rings at quarter-to-six (I'm usually already awake) and Monday was a day of running around to appointments. Tuesday I didn't have any meetings scheduled, so I deliberately didn't make any plans. I had a lovely walk outside (the sun was shining - it had to be done) and got some bits done around the house as well as doing some bits of work - clocking up a lot more steps than my usual day at my computer and feeling better for it.

All in all, I'd say it was a mixed bag. I loved being free to listen to my body clock - and especially being free of external demands on my time - so I'm going to work on building a little more space in my diary for tuning in. But I need to keep working on how to live with a night owl in a way that respects both of our body clocks...

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