Fly a plane

Last Wednesday's 'wake up' challenge

Aug 05, 2016

Eventually we have some footage of the fly a plane challenge from week thirty two. It's been a nightmare getting this far and the sound is poor but it documents the challenge. We walked up to the end of the Malvern Hills (me, Sarah and the Bobster) it was blowy but we flew our plane nevertheless. Hope you all enjoy it and it gives some inspiration - if a man in his mid forties with a thing attached to his face (about three months of not shaving the area below my nose and on my chin) can do it so can you. All the best Mark Cuddy

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


Ffi Ffi Trixibelle about 3 years ago

Oh well done... so much better than my effort :)

Jacqui about 3 years ago

Your plane was a real success! Ours were rdiculously un- aerodynamic!!

Vanessa about 3 years ago

Great flight!

Chris Baréz-Brown about 3 years ago

Wow! That really took flight! nice one Mark. C x