A is for Apple

Wake Up, week 3 of 25

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Feb 17, 2017
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‘A is for apple’ is something we learn from an early age. When we first hear this it focusses our mind. As we grow, we learn and whilst learning our mind is active and while it’s active and thinking and learning there is no place for autopilot. Wake Up is all about removing autopilot as much as possible. So my first challenge is for you to pick something you do every day, like make a cup of tea or have a shower or something as simple as eating an apple and at the same time stave off autopilot.

If it’s an apple you’re eating first look at the wonderful colours of its skin, feel its texture, how does it feel in the palm of your hand? Hear the noise it makes when you run your fingers over it, breath in its aroma. Take a bite and think about every crunch, every mouthful, every swallow and every breath. Just focus on the apple and its relationship to you.

If apples aren’t your thing try making a cup of tea or something else. But do it with the same mindfulness. Afterwards see if bad boy autopilot has stayed out of your life a little bit longer than usual.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


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Mark Cuddy

No more mystery or shyness. Who am I? - I’m a man/monkey (depending on my mood) in his mid-forties but feel’s the energy of a teenager (most of the time), passionate, foolhardy, always searching for answers and always pleased as punch when I find one (every blue moon). My loves include (in no particular order) – walking up hills, wandering through forests, strolling along beaches, visiting new places, nature, autumn (the colours at this time of year are magical), castles, family, dogs (especially black Labradors – I love my dog Bobby – see profile photo), talking (even when I was a child my mum always said, “Mark, you’ve got too much to say.”), listening to Paul Weller (AKA God), Motown (and any music that touches your soul), watching quality films (all genres), cask ale, a strong coffee in the morning, the Pre-Raphaelite Movement, visiting museums and art galleries, dreaming (I am a dreamer), writing, being honest and open with feelings and thoughts and hoping to be a better person than I was before (one can hope). Oh yeah and a full-time worrier when not enjoying any of the above!
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