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Psychology, Trauma-informed Therapy, Psychotherapy, Author and Integrative Health Practitioner, The Trauma Centre - Ripon
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About Gail Donnan

I have been working in the wellness industry since 1995. In this time I have trained in Eastern & Western Psychology and trauma, I am a teacher, counsellor, MBSR Mindfulness Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, Qi Gong Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner and Coach.  I specialise in mental health issues, anxiety, depression and am the published author of two books -"The Gateway - A journey to re-claim your power from Stress and Anxiety" and The Gateway Junior Edition - children's mental health. My meditations appear on Yowah Radio and I am the founder of a not-for-profit  Trauma Centre in North Yorkshire.

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