What Is Respect Nowadays ?

Oct 02, 2018

What's got into you to lose track of time, to lose our ability to let it go and building up frustration and a pile of stress?  Because we feel pushed to. Inconsciously or consciously we are under the impression that what we are doing is not sufficient or enough and it couldn't be more wrong. Everyday I'm learning more about myself, to build up relationship with others but more importantly to define what I want from these relationships.

The first principle coming immediately to my mind is respect. Because this is the core of my values for any interaction with people. We all deserve respect and this is something to be praised/highlighted more than ever. So, what is respect nowadays ?

Respect is speaking to someone and look him in the eye.

Respect is refusing the statutory quo.

Respect is to stand up to make sure that your value is recognised

Respect is being kind and empathise for others.

Respect is slow down to be aware of your thoughts and others around you.

Respect is saying thank you.

Respect is speak up, make your voice heard.

Respect is taking in consideration the feeling of your loved ones before telling them the ugly truth.

Respect is to apologise when you hurt someone or made a mistake.

Respect is to accept the opinion of others.

Respect is to listen to people without rudely interrupting them.

Respect is to accept the people the way the are without trying constantly to change them.

Respect is to enjoy the beauty of this world and protect its humanity.

Respect is being yourself, being your authentic self with others.

With all my love


Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications, gaelle.berruel@gmail.com

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