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Sep 11, 2018

I can't help to reflect on the overwhelming need we have to reach a peaceful mind. With a pace of life more busier than ever, it starts to be truly challenging to keep our head above the water.

With that in mind and the stress we have to overcome every day, it is not surprising that we are extremely close to being completely kaputt, emotionally and physically broken.

Painfully aware of my hectic state of mind, I started to seek a way to free up my mind of all these negative and revolving thoughts. I started to meditate 4 years ago. Yes, to meditate. I jumped on the wagon of this new trend, willing to recover my peace of mind like one million people across the world who swear that meditation is the key for a calmer, happier life. Yes, meditation works, once you let your preconceptions guide your judgment.

Learning to free up your mind takes time, dedication and consistency. Most importantly the benefits are so rewarding that meditating will become a new habit for you. Meditation improves mood, lowers stress and makes you more focused... and all these benefits are backed up by scientific research.

The introductory program of the app Headspace helps you to start your journey to a better, clearer mind. Andy Puddicombe will guide you to meditate every day with no rush and the pressure of any expectation, slowly but surely, your mind will start to react to these well-deserved breaks. Andy makes meditation normal, accessible and especially modern. The updated application of Headspace allows you to personalize your meditation, depending on your time (10,15 or 20 minutes) your needs (improve your focus, creativity for instance) and even when commuting. Since then, I am able to meditate more consistently, either on the go (when I walking to got to work) or even in the trains on the morning (when I can have a seat, of course!)

Meditation gives me the power to overcome the hectic pace of my thoughts, not by controlling them but by accepting them, understand them to let them go...the feeling to free up my mind from these thoughts is mind-blowing. I am more emotionally grounded, mindful and as a consequence, my calm attitude has a direct impact on my relationships (family, friends or colleagues).

I cannot thank enough Andy Puddicombe to have created this app helping me daily to restore my inner calm and confidence. You can feel that Andy is genuinely generous and calm. I strongly recommend you to give a try to meditation, the benefits are overwhelming and you would not regret it!

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Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Fear Expert and Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications at HSBC, A Rockstar Mindset

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