The Yin And Yang Of Social Media

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Mar 20, 2018

The danger of social media is to lose yourself into it. To be excited by the likes and seek for the next picture to attract so many likes. This is so in contradiction with my personality that it took me time to put myself in people shoes and to see the roots of this addiction.

Social media can bring you so much happiness and deep, genuine connection with like minded people to the point that when you meet them in person, it’s like you know them for ages! And this is truly where the beauty of social media is : creating meaningful relationships with people like you eager to share, to connect, to expand positivity and self growth attitude. Yes, when you know what you want from social media, you can turn this world into a bubble of genuine friendship, opportunities to share and serve people and so much more…

However, there is no point to hide the negative impact of social media : hate, verbal violence, trolls. Yes, this is the pure darkness of this world and where is light, there is also darkness. One instagrammer Luciana (me_versus_me_) said : ” I honour their messages by my indifference ” and I truly love the meaning, the power emanating from this simple sentence against this darkness. It’s like some people took the liberty to consider social media as the Pandora box to say whatever they want irrespective of the hurt, the pain, the violence they can create.

This is when you witness that, you start to truly believe that spirituality, faith and fight for love are more necessary than ever to reach a better balance where respect, love and honesty remain important values in our world. Social media can be used in two different manners, either to share and connect or to spread hate and ignorance. It is up to us to make social media our power or our ruin.

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Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Fear Expert and Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications at HSBC, A Rockstar Mindset

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