Spirituality & Love

Mar 06, 2018

Believe in a higher consciousness, be open to new realities, it is what I called being an individual willing to change, to see new perceptions and have the courage to challenge his attitude, behaviour and values system. Yes, being spiritual is a meaningful work which requires commitment, consistency and faith. In a world where the war between the good and the evil is so abundantly clear, it proves difficult to do not take action to counterbalance the state of our world by our individual actions. We know that once we unite all for the good and for justice, clarity and peace, we outnumbered our visible or invisible ennemies.

Being spiritual is taking the courage to stand up for what you feel right, to heal yourself to help others, to let your purpose find you and live in harmony with yourself and others. We are born for joy, happiness and kindness. Not for anger, sadness and death. It’s time that all of us awake in the evolving and difficult time to bring more light, hope and peace to each of us. Fight for Love is a journey and we are born to take this challenge, learn and master our ability to create a life we love.

Create a life you love is the starter to go out, get out of your comfort zone, face your fears and make your life epic. If you are ready to transform your life, you just need to give me a sign and I will be on your side in order for you to beautifully and surely step into your greatness.

Gaelle Berruel

Mindset Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Fear Expert and Head of GLCM Wellbeing Europe Communications at HSBC, A Rockstar Mindset

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