Honor Your Feelings

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Feb 20, 2018

With the emphasis on personal development and the limitless possibilities of our mind, we have been advised that being positive is the key to attract more goodness, happiness in our life. This is the foundation of the Secret. The Law of Attraction is always saying YES, it is up to us to think about what we want to bring into the " physical plane", to ask for it and to embody what we want to be.

But as you know if it would be so easy to manifest our dreams, everyone will be happy and rich. As human beings, we are subject to, sometimes, being overwhelmed by negative and strong emotions as if being in the middle of an emotional storm, lost, annoyed, frustrated and not knowing what to do. In this case, it is extremely difficult to go back to a state of positive and peaceful energy isn't it ? You analyse, articulate, dissecate each detail in your mind going through the conversation in your mind, thinking about what you should have said. Yes. We all experienced this dreadful situation.

With anger, I learnt painfully but efficiently to use the emotions at my advantage, any strong emotion like sadness, fear, anger or doubt. Always with these emotions, there is a learning, either like anger to say NO and set up empowering boundaries or to ACT to change your circumstances. With sadness, disappointment, it's painful but necessary. We need to honor our feelings, emotions whatever they may be. Under any emotion/feeling, there are layers that are just awaiting to be removed in order to highlight the roots of this emotion/feeling. What is the trigger to feel so upset, revolted, embarrassed or ashamed ?

It is at this point a fantastic opportunity to step back, to take your journal and just write what you are feeling and let your inner guide/ inner voice guide you, show you what you couldn't see. Journaling is such a powerful manner to honor your feelings, to Honor yourself and Respect yourself. Give yourself this time to dive into your being, your knowing, your values. It is a self discovery journey and an empowering way to understand and embrace your uniqueness. More you will learn about yourself, more you will build your confidence, your self esteem from a place that no one can touch : your Self Love.

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Gaelle Berruel

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Ummi Fulani over 1 year ago

I am currently writing a systematic review on emotional regulation. A lot of the time, we fail to regulate feelings let alone honor them, sadly we fall into a pattern of expressing or surpressing our feelings through maladaptive behaviour as a means of coping. Thanks for the reminder.

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Gaelle Berruel over 1 year ago

Yes, this is why it is crucial now to slow down to face our emotions whatever their intensity to dive into them and learn from them. Additionally emotions not released stay in the body and can lead to diseases. Facing our emotions/ feelings can be overwhelming but the reward to learn from it is priceless.