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Jodie Jackson

Constructive Journalism, Positive psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching

Balance your mind through yoga

Balance does not always mean living in the middle. It means that you can even live at the edge but maintain a state of psychological stability, which remains undisturbed by our emotional experience. The term used for this in yoga is “equanimity”.
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Oct 20, 2017

It's Time For Some Good News

​This week marks the exciting new launch of Positive News Magazine! This stunning magazine is beautiful in both design and content. For those of you who may have not heard of them, I am delighted to introduce you!
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Feb 01, 2016

How to Make The Most of Your Time

We all have 24 hours in a day, but some of us seem to be able to squeeze out every last second in a minute, while others race around trying to get back the minute just gone. The good news is, with a couple of tricks, we can all have the know how to make the most of our time.
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Jan 18, 2016

Happy Old Year! Highlights of 2015

With New Years resolutions surfacing, it can be easy to look forward at this time of year and decide what changes we are going to make to ensure that 2016 is better than 2015. However, before you tip into the promise of a new year, take a moment to reflect on the highlights of 2015.
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Dec 22, 2015

Making and Breaking Habits: The Power of Practice

​Sometimes wisdom provides great advice of how to behave or think and our soul softens at the possibility of its truth. Despite our best intentions, there can be a wide gap between our current reality and the rose tinted one we strive towards. How do we get to the place where this wisdom becomes our experienced truth? In short, it is practice, patience and commitment to the journey.
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Oct 25, 2015

Watch: Billions in Change

There are some things that come along every so often and just burst our mind open to the human potential and the possibilities available through the power of creation.
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Oct 16, 2015