Sally Beare introduces The Stacking Plan

The Stacking Plan is a healthy-eating plan in which, instead of giving things up, you take things on. Each week you take up just one new healthy-eating habit, whilst carrying on with whatever you normally do the rest of the time. As the weeks go by, you ‘stack’ the good habits on top of each other.

Jun 06, 2016

How confident are you in your own skin? No more fads: feed your soul, love yourself. Our Happy, Healthy Body special is out now.

Find out more about The Stacking Plan here.

Eminé Ali Rushton

Health + Wellness Director, Psychologies

Health + Wellness Director and Author, Eminé Ali Rushton is interested in only one type of health – holistic. Holistic health is about completeness. It is a full circle that joins the dots of ‘you’ – a way of living that reintroduces your mind to your body to your spirit. To help you live happier, healthier and more balanced lives, we have created #360me – a completely holistic approach to wellness – and are working with some of the world's leading authorities in nutrition, psychology, fitness, ethical living, yoga, and wellness, to provide you with inspiration and support, every month for the next year.

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