Raw cacao and carob sandwich cookies

Try this recipe for raw cacao and carob sandwich cookies from Livia’s Kitchen

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Jun 30, 2016

Makes 14 cookies

For the cashew cream filling:

100g smooth cashew butter

½ tablespoon vanilla powder

1 tablespoon coconut palm sugar

For the cookies:

110g flaxseed

150g ground almonds

100ml date syrup

25g melted raw coconut oil

¼ teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons carob powder

2 tablespoons cacao powder

½ tablespoon vanilla powder

1 tablespoon coconut sugar

To make the cashew cream filling:

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.

To make the cookies:

Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Using your hands, mix together well until all combined and sticky.

Using your hands, roll out the mixture into small cookie shapes. To do this, make a big marble-size ball of mix and then roll and press into a cookie shape. You need to put a lot of pressure on them with your palms to make them nice and flat.

Once all the mixture has been used and all the cookies have been shaped, using a knife, spread the cashew cream on a cookie and place another cookie on top. Repeat until you have used up all the mixture and filling.

This recipe is extracted from Livia’s Kitchen by Olivia Wollenberg, (Ebury Press, hardback £20).

Photography: Tara Fisher

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