Vegan & gluten-free raw lemon cheesecake

Winner of this year's Soil Association BOOM (Best of Organic Market) Awards Food Blogger, Rebel Recipes' Niki Webster shares her vegan & gluten-free raw lemon cheesecake recipe

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Jun 15, 2016

Serves: 8-10

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: None


Topping ingredients-

2 cups soaked organic cashews (at least four hours)

Juice of 2.5 lemons

1/3 cup organic coconut oil

3 tbsp maple syrup

Pinch of sea salt

1 tsp vanilla powder or essence

Zest of 1 unwaxed organic lemon

Base ingredients-

2/3 cup organic almonds

1/2 cup organic desiccated coconut

3 tbsp. buckwheat groats

8 medjool dates

2 tbsp. almond butter

Pinch of sea salt


To make the base, blitz the almonds in your food processor until you get a crumb like consistency.

Add in the dates, almond butter, buckwheat, coconut and salt and blend again until everything combines. The mix should stick together between your fingers.

Add the mixture to your a pie tin. (I used a 10 inch pie tin.) Press down firmly with you hands, but don’t press the mix up the sides.

Pop the tray in the freezer while you make the filing.

Wash out your food processor or high speed blender, then add the cashews and blitz until the cashews are super creamy. This may take a few minutes and you will need to scrape the sides a few times.

Add the lemon juice, coconut oil, maple syrup, salt, vanilla and lemon zest. Blitz again until combined well.

Remove the base from the freezer then top with the lemony mix. Return to the freezer to firm up for at least an hour.

Rebel Recipes are the winner of this year's Soil Association BOOM (Best of Organic Market) Awards Food Blogger Category.

The awards recognise amazing organic products, retailers, restaurants and bloggers who promote organic food and living. Judged by an independent panel of well-known experts, including chefs, restauranteurs, food writers and specialists, celebrity foodies and consumer judges, the winners showcase the very best of the UK’s organic food and drink industry.

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