Recipe: Spring minestrone soup

A hearty and easy-to-prepare spring soup from The Alkaline Cookbook

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Apr 25, 2016

This staple, herby minestrone uses early summer vegetables. Vary the mix with whatever is in the market. Make sure you have roughly equal quantities. The base for the soup is a summer vegetable stock, and we have upped the quantities to make double – enough to freeze or eat throughout the week.


1.5 litres vegetable stock

50 g fennel

50 g asparagus

50 g potato

1 bunch spring onions

50 g cauliflower

50 g broccoli

50 g courgettes

2 garlic cloves

50 g green beans

50 g peas

50 g broad beans

Sea salt

Black pepper

Small handful of fresh chives


Bring the stock to the boil in a big pan as you prepare the vegetables. Wash the fennel, asparagus, potato and spring onions, cut into equal sizes and add to the pan.

Break the cauliflower and broccoli into bite-sized florets and add.

Dice the courgette and finely slice the garlic and green beans. Pod the peas and broad beans and add to the pan with the other vegetables.

Season and simmer for about twenty minutes. Snip the chives over the top.

This recipe is taken from The Alkaline Cookbook, by Dr Stephan Domenig and Heinz Erlacher, (Modern Books, £14.99).

Image: Elwin Street Productions 2016.

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