Moonlit Gardening

As part of the Get Back Your Bedtime campaign, Eminé Ali Rushton heads out to the garden in her pyjamas!

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May 28, 2015

I love a lot of things, in theory. Gardening being the main one. I love the idea of kneeling down, getting hands into soil, planting bulbs, sprinkling water... in truth, I get a bit cross at the mud under the nails, the sore knees, the looming cloud that steals away sunshine whenever I don my gardening gear...

But the garden is just so glorious at this time of year. My jasmine is redolent and rich, releasing its odour at daybreak and sunset, my favourite smell. My gorgeous little olive trees, the crazily beautiful wildflowers that look as though they've been made in some origamic flourish that pop up all along the borders each year, those odd tulips with their frayed fire-red edges, unlike any I've seen before... and I want to drink it all up and enjoy it, but because I am out at work most days, invention is necessary.

The thought occurred, very naturally, one day while out in the garden in my PJs, bringing in the washing, when I spotted a bit of pruning and tidying that needed doing. My husband has draped rows of outdoor fairylights around the shed and trellis, which suck up solar energy during the day and come on automatically when the sun goes down. They burst into twinkling light just as I bent to breathe in the jasmine, and, well, I was intoxicated.

This tiny little garden, with its patch of lawn and erratic flowerbeds, and wonky, peeling, junk-filled shed, is my first garden, and for that reason, and others, I love it.

So, I have taken to spending some real time out here... with shears, little trowel, bare hands, deadheading and plucking off wizened bits, smelling, tidying, enjoying. Gardening once the sun has gone down is a secret joy... if you can brave the nocturnal creepy crawlies!

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Eminé Ali Rushton

Health + Wellness Director, Psychologies

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