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Give up giving things up with The Stacking Plan

The problem with deciding to eat and live healthfully is that it implies having to give things up and go without. It suggests having to exercise virtues we may not be well-endowed with, such as resolve, and willpower. We might be able to follow a diet or regime for a while, but usually, before long, we’re not following it – we’re trailing far behind as it vanishes into the distance. And yet another hurdle is that giving things up often makes us want them more, which makes the whole exercise counter-productive. Sally Beare introduces her Stacking Plan.
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Jun 06, 2016

Yogi Traveller's Guide to Looking and Feeling Good

As a travelling yoga teacher, co-founder of The Retreat Collection and team manager of a race team, it's safe to say that I travel a lot! So with lots of time on the move, and many hours up in the air, I've definitely picked up a few tricks along the way to help make this time as healthy and stress free as possible. Here are a few of my top tips:
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Jun 01, 2016