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Learn how to master your inner critic.

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Don’t wait to be ready. You are ready now. Too many people listen to their inner critic who slyly whispers words that undermine self-confidence: "not now, maybe later, perhaps never."

But not you.You will take a deep breath. You expect a gulp moment. Then you close your eyes and envisage what it will feel like to conquer that fear of failure. You imagine in detail the time of success. Observing your surroundings, you notice the sounds, aromas and even colours. You are self-aware. Relaxed yet alert, you move with confidence. As you look around, what do you see and hear? How are you feeling?

Now think about the first thing that you did that got you started on this road to success. Opening your eyes, you may experience a powerfully moving and uplifting sensation. The future is a place full of hope and promise. You will remember this feeling by writing down the words or by doodling or drawing the specifics of the journey that led to the future success of you.

Then you can start to plan. Getting to your goal will take courage, determination and grit. You may stumble along the way. Each time you will rise stronger. With deliberate effort and having imagined your success in detail, you will gather your resources, ask when you need support and take action to make it real. You may move slowly but you will move forward. You know each step enables you to grow closer to reaching your goal. You are ready now.

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Beverly Landais PCC

Certified Individual & Team Coach , www.beverlylandais.co.uk

Beverly is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Chartered Manager and Chartered Marketeer. She comes to coaching from a senior business background, including board level. Her purpose is simple. She works with people to help them be at their resourceful best. She can help you do the things that promote wellbeing, bring personal as well as professional satisfaction and make you happy.

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