General Anaesthetic: Here I come!

When you find yourself looking forward to having anaesthesia as a break from the stressors in life, it's time to change something ...

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Jul 12, 2016

I'm having surgery this week. The procedure is nothing to worry about — something totally normal for a woman in her 40s — but my point is this: I am looking forward to the general anaesthetic. This is where we diverge into ‘hang on, that’s actually not totally normal…’

A period of time completely disconnected. Not just with my phone off. With my consciousness off.

No mother with dementia. No 15-year-old with Anxiety. No waiting up for the 17-year-old to come home safely. No 5-year-old described as ‘can be very defiant’ in the Kindy report …

No worrying financial stuff.

No difficult work issues. No complex corporate training proposals. No pushing myself into a corner with the current novel-plot. No editing on the My 15 Minutes book. No submitting the first novel to publishers. No rejections.

No housework. No mess. No lunches. No dryer-filter-doesn’t-go-back-together-after-clean, no ‘oven door handle has fallen off’, no need to declutter …

No need-to-lose-weight … to get fit, to cut hair, to dye it, to fix nails, to shape body …

No friends with relationship problems. No sister trying to sell her house. No best friend’s husband looking for a new job …

No friend with pancreatic cancer, and acquaintance with terminal melanoma and friend-of-a-friend with weeks to live from a brain tumour …

No wondering what if, and what next, and am I good enough …

No. ANYTHING. For a little while.

Deliciously … blank.

My GP told me recently that our forties are often the most stressful decade in life, just because of where we sit in the scheme of the things. The more stressful things are, the more breaks we need. The more we have to do, the more time off we ought to take.

A general anaesthetic is not the answer! Looking forward to being knocked unconscious from the world? No. Not good enough.

What’s really needed now is a proper, conscious escape. And dreaming one up is going to be the only thing on my ‘to do’ list this week.

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