Emma Grey

Director, WorkLifeBliss

When a situation feels hopeless, there are usually 3 choices

Last week during a training session with Jennifer Liston-Smith, a work-and-family expert from the UK, we got talking about choices. She reminded us that when a situation feels hopeless, it's easy to feel trapped. Sometimes we're unhappy at work. Sometimes we're unhappy in a relationship, or dissatisfied with our heath. Sometimes we're in conflict with a family member. Sometimes we have big, true, deep problems that seem insurmountable.
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Feb 14, 2016

Are you swimming against your own current?

There have been several times in my life when I’ve felt trapped. Each time, I was on a certain path, committed to something that wasn’t working or stuck in a situation without a clear way out. It felt suffocating, scary and miserable...
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Jan 21, 2016

7 Types of Christmas

We're anticipating a special family Christmas this year—the first since we married in 2009 with all of our five children (between us) and with two of their partners. But just as we suspect it's going to be a lovely one for us, I know this year will be a challenging Christmas for several friends. Christmas doesn't always turn up perfectly wrapped like a Westjet Christmas Commercial. Some years it's a bit tougher. Here are 7 types of Christmas (and I'm sure there are many more)...
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Dec 06, 2015

The sadness can't win

On Friday, I was privileged to attend the heartbreaking funeral service of a wonderful teenager, gone far too soon. His family and friends are wholeheartedly devastated. All of them—mum, sister, dad, school friends—got up and shared their memories of the young man they love. The essence of their message was ‘live a big life—no regrets.’
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Nov 16, 2015

The 9 doubts that most of us keep private

Each of us might be directing our own life’s stageplay, with different settings and characters and plots – but are we really all that different underneath it? Despite our uniqueness, many of us graze at the same smorgasbord of doubts and uncertainties and, because we’re often indulging in these in private, it can seem as though we’re quite alone. Here are nine ‘secret’ insecurities that I come across in my coaching conversations with clients often. These aren’t special. They’re not unique. They’re run-of-the-mill to the point of epidemic, and I’ve felt several of them too.
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Oct 25, 2015