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Staying sane in an era of uncertainty

You will notice that I did not use the B or the T words in the title, and that is because this article is not about Brexit, or Trump for that matter. There have been enough of those already. It is more about how we as human beings, respond to change and what we can learn from our reactions to the events of recent months. Most importantly, what can we do to stay grounded and sane as these events play out?
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Feb 01, 2017

Coaching and mentoring- whats in it for you?

Coaching is now a mature industry and many of you will have either thought about working with a coach or mentor, or will have done so. Perhaps surprisingly I still come across people in business who don’t fully understand or appreciate the value proposition. In some cases they see coaching as somehow remedial and only really for individuals with ‘problems' to fix. I believe that coaching and mentoring can deliver lasting value to most people most of the time, and here's why.
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Jan 24, 2017

7 career lessons for my 25 year old self, and my children's generation today.

​One of the many Joys of having children is seeing the world through their eyes, and having the opportunity to live it all again. One of the frustrations is that in spite of all of your accumulated experience and knowledge, they may seem reluctant to listen and only appear to learn by making their own mistakes. This is how I learned as well and it maybe a universal law. If I could shortcut the process, these are the things I would tell my 25 year old self and my children’s generation. Some of these points may resonate for you too.
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Nov 04, 2016

The Robots- one further reason for apple, google and co to pay their dues

As professionals, workers, parents and citizens, we all have strong reasons for wishing for fair collection and allocation of taxes. Our schools, NHS and public services of all kinds depend on it. So here is a heartfelt plea for companies, and particularly the multi-nationals who sometimes appear to be above the law, to play fair and to do their bit
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Sep 07, 2016

Where do you sit on the optimist-pessimist scale and why does this matter?

If you read enough self help and positive psychology material, you could be forgiven for thinking that we could all be super optimists if we only put our minds to it. Whilst I share the sentiment, lets not forget that Pessimism is not an affliction and without it the world would be a less ironic, funny, diverse and interesting place.
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Apr 22, 2016

Happy Easter to people of all denominations!

I love Easter for lots of reasons, few of them based on religion. As the seasons turn we start to see more light, longer days and the green shoots of renewal and hope. Given recent world events, this year in particular will also be a time of reflection, made all the more poignant for me by a recent trip to the refugee camp in Calais. I would like to share what I saw and learned from the experience.
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Mar 23, 2016

Does mid life have to resemble War and Peace?

I am fascinated by the challenges which many of us face in the mid life years, which can be one of the most difficult and rewarding periods of our lives. This is what I have learned from my own experiences and from advising others.
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Feb 11, 2016

Gender discrimination at work? An insiders view..

You do not have to look far to see the forces of gender discrimination at play. From disparity in pay structures to a lack of balance at senior levels in many companies, the evidence is clear. Why is this and what can women and men do to address the problem?
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Feb 04, 2016

Career change in 2016? How to make it happen, and make it last..

For our parents and grandparents generations, career change was nigh on impossible. Although it is difficult today, the good news is that the pace of change in the economy, new technology, greater awareness of alternatives and in some cases plain necessity have enabled access to new opportunities. Many have broken the shackles of the old world thinking and have started their own businesses or chosen a lifestyle alternative. In no particular order, this is my advice if you want to change direction or change career.
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Jan 14, 2016

Changing role or career? Are you an oil-tanker or a speedboat and why does that matter?

​I was once advised that changing career in mid-life is like turning around an oil tanker. In a mature economy there is little room for enthusiastic amateurs or people who are quite good at what they do for a living and companies are unlikely to invest in you. Quite apart from the fact that this ignores entrepreneurial, portfolio or 'lifestyle' careers, having changed career myself and advised many others I now see this advice for what it is- narrow and self-defeating. You do however need to understand yourself and your risk profile well. Here's my advice for speedboats and oil tankers alike.
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Jan 05, 2016

Small acts of kindness- whats in it for you?

I have recently come across two significant days which i was only vaguely aware of in the past. September 21st is peace one day- a day of global'cease fire and non-violence' (god knows we need more of them). Today of course is kindness UK day, and we need more of these too. Of course it helps to have specific days to raise awareness and embrace these values but what happens when we incorporate them into every day activities?
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Nov 13, 2015