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Following a 20+ years corporate career working in PR and Marketing, I left to pursue my life-long dream of writing a novel. However, I soon came to realise that I didn't want to focus on just one thing. I'm a huge advocate for all things creative and so I set up a website and weekly Blog to combine my passions of writing, art and photography and to encourage people to live a more full-filled, curious and purposeful life. I deliver local writing workshops, am the founder of a local accountability group - WOW Wednesdays, produce artwork I sell locally and now do Instagram Live sessions for @psychologiesmagazine called, 'Gain Creative Confidence' which you can find on their TV channel and Instagram. The Blog focuses on all aspects of creativity, the psychology behind why it is so good for you as well as many practical tips and prompts to get going. The website has a resource page too, The Curious Cave which allows readers to learn more and further their creative journey through my recommendations of books, magazines, podcasts and other inspiring social media accounts

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