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Confidence-Building and Female Fulfilment for Women, Living Excellently
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About Shan Rees

Personal and Professional Development Trainer for over 3 decades, helping people to be successful and flourish; including From Stress to Self-Mangement, Self-Presentation; Assertion Training and Confidence-Building courses. Now, focussing on and working exclusively with women : who may be successful in their field but feel there must be more to life; who want to live in their own rhythm and show up as their feisty female selves; who want to stop compromising and build confidence to make their unique contribution; who want to change their lives in order to live authentically. Now's the time for women to come into their own; the world needs us. I studied Anthropology; Psychothynsesis; Gestalt; Facilitation Skills. I have a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, qualifications in Coaching and Style Coaching, and have published a book onAssertion Skills. I'm passionate about inspiring women to come into their own

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