What are your reservations trying to tell you?

When you want change, but find yourself hesitating, its a good idea to ask yourself why


When you contemplate making a change to how you are, for example finding a way past painful grief to being able to recall happy times, or overcoming debilitating low mood to find a balance between joyfulness and other emotions, or moving away from anxiety towards calm and poise, it may be that the prospect is quite frightening. However unpleasant symptoms are, they are what we currently experience, and that makes them familiar and known.

I believe that resistance inside us needs to be given a voice and space to express itself, and to be listened to with respect. That way, the change that follows can be supported by your whole being, rather than setting up a tug of war that sees you improve, and relapse, and improve, and relapse.

It's useful to ask yourself, if I make this change, what will I gain? Also, what will I lose? If I stay as I am, what will I gain? If I stay as I am, what will I lose? Checking out what from the current situation you want to keep is a key part of moving towards the future, throwing the baby out with the bathwater leads to abandoned babies that need reclaiming and loving at a later date.

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

I am here to help you thrive, whatever life brings. I offer Psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and Couples Counselling to clients based in Durham. I am UKCP Accredited and an EMDR Europe Practitioner, and offer Clinical Supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists locally. I have worked in private practice, the NHS, and in charitable organisations, with a wide range of clients and conditions.

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