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Julie Vincent

Legal secretary

My role is to help you find your emotional and psychological Centre of Balance, the safe place in yourself. If you can find no safe place for yourself then we can work together to help you create one. From our Centre we have choice. Choice about the relationships in our life and choice about the quality of those relationships. We can choose how we want to feel about events or situations or people. Yes! We do have choice about how we feel. When we are Centred then our body is better able to repair and heal and grow so we are healthier. When we are at our Centre of Balance then we can be in the world in a way that expresses the richness of who we are and not who we felt we 'should' be or really 'ought' to be. As a therapist I create a space, both physical and psychological, where together we can explore how you experience your world and the beliefs you hold about yourself, others and the world... Because beliefs may be just that, beliefs and not truths. I am a UKCP accredited neurolinguistic psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach-therapist. I also offer supervision to therapists. Mobile: 07768 869 551 Email: patty@patty-everitt.co.uk Website: https://patty-everitt.co.uk
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Wendy Steele

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