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Dr Eva Detko, PhD

Natural Health Specialist / Author / Speaker / Podcaster, Dr Eva

About Surviving, Turning Negativity into Positivity and Happiness Clubs - my interview with Suzy Greaves

First of all, I would like to express how excited I am to have been invited to be part of this fantastic platform and blog alongside such passionate and knowledgeable people. This new adventure started when I first met Suzy at a Health, Wealth & Well-being show earlier this year. Suzy shared her personal story of how she ended up pursuing self-development and helping other people along the way. It was very emotional and inspiring at the same time. I immediately thought that it would be great if Suzy was willing to share her story on my podcast and explain about the great concept that is the Happiness Clubs. My podcast (Holistic Path to Health) is about sharing information and resources that enable people to achieve optimal mental and physical health naturally. It is also about inspiring and empowering so Suzy’s story was a perfect fit. To my delight she said “yes” to the interview!
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Jun 05, 2015