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10 Qualities of Being Bold for Change That Will Inspire You Part 1

According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap won’t close completely until 2186. That’s 169 years until we achieve true equality for women. With such a sobering statistic, you can see why the International Women’s Day team decided on “Be Bold For Change” as this year’s theme: We ain’t gonna close that 169 year gap any faster by quietly waiting for change to happen! This week’s post is about being BOLD in your life, because change happens one person at a time. Each of us can make a difference – by aspiring to reach our own potential, each in our own unique way. Being bold for change starts with you!
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May 02, 2017

3 Steps To Escape A Job You Hate

Once upon a time, there was a talented, highly skilled woman called Jane. One day, Jane became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She dropped out from the senior level she had reached in her industry as she didn’t think it would be compatible with motherhood. She moved to a job in the same industry at a different company.
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Feb 28, 2017

Three Things You Can Do Now to Help the World AND Be Happy

Like billions of others, I am reeling from this week’s US presidential election results. I am aghast that so many people have voted for a man who has such blatant disregard for PEOPLE. I am intensely concerned for the World we live in; worried that the racists, bigots, misogynists and haters have been granted carte blanche to come out of the closet. So here are three things you can do now - and from this day forward to help the world. AND be happy whilst you’re at it!
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Nov 24, 2016

The One Thing You Need To Do To Achieve Your Dream

Walt Disney, Zig Ziglar and probably a whole host of others have said “If you can dream it you can achieve it” Right on people! Woo hoo! Oh yeah! Let’s dream BIG and go forth and ACHIEVE! But HANG ON just a minute…… The bit that is so often ignored in between the dreaming and the achieving is the DOING! Today’s post is not about the magic of dreaming; it’s about the magic of working hard and resilience.
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Nov 02, 2016

How to Bounce Back From Public Failure and Humiliation

250 Men Turned up Specifically to Boo at Her... Imagine failing at something so publicly that you were featured on the front page of the national press. Now imagine if, at the time of failure, you were standing at the front of a hall in which 250 men who had turned up specifically to boo at you and revel in your failure. And imagine a journalist shoves a microphone under your nose and asked you to comment about how you felt. You would probably feel like crying. And that’s exactly what Baroness Warsi, who experienced all this, felt like doing at that moment.
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May 13, 2016

Tips for Negotiating Life as a Grown Up

My eldest son Max celebrated a very special birthday 2 weeks ago. He officially become a “teenager” and at this gateway to adulthood, I decided not to buy a card but to write him a letter instead. So this week, I have created a (less personal) version of this letter for you with 7 minus 1 tips for negotiating life. Why 7 minus 1? Well, there was a 7th tip for Max – but that one was all about how his mum will always love him, no matter what. And I figured this is less useful for you!
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May 06, 2016

An Easy Way to Increase Your Own Self Worth TODAY

I was in Ireland on Mothers’ Day a few weeks ago; the boys were with their Dad back here in England.The trip to Ireland had been booked months before and I realised I’d be away from my boys for “the big day” only when I noticed the ubiquitous Mothers’ Day marketing messages everywhere a few weeks earlier. Unfortunately, neither boys nor Dad are very good at remembering things like Mothers’ Day! And I forgot to remind their dad to remind them (anyone else do that?!) I didn’t even receive a text until I sent a snotty missive at midday to their Dad: “It’s Mothers’ Day you know! Not even a text!!!”
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Apr 28, 2016

Why I fell out with Chris Evans on International Women's Day

I love Chris Evans and his Radio 2 Breakfast Show and up until today, I have quickly forgiven him all of his occasional sins. I love his energy, positivity, brains and creativity. I really love the man. And he's a fellow red-head. What's not to like? ;) But on his breakfast show this morning, I was a wee bit irritated with his slightly patronising, faintly amused approach to International Women’s Day (#IWD). I only caught snatches of what he was saying in the pre-school run busyness. But I picked up on phrases like; “It’s because we (men) can’t have babies”.
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Mar 08, 2016

​5 Simple Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way

“Getting in your own way” is the biggest obstacle you face when you set your sights on a big, juicy goal. When you set your mind on achieving something, there are always obstacles to overcome - time, money, other people, motivation, lack of know-how... But compared to the obstacle that is lack of self-belief, the others are mere trifles. The biggest obstacle of all is YOU, getting in your own way, paralysing yourself through fear and self-doubt. Ultimately, the buck really does stop here! Want to get out of your own way? Have more self-belief? Get on with achieving your boldest dreams? Good! Let's get you out of your own way, right now, with 5 simple and reasonably painless steps!
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May 18, 2015