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Faith Hewitt

  • United Kingdom

About Faith Hewitt

Culturally sensitive, experienced, integrative psychotherapist. You may wonder "Is therapy for me?". "Can it help?". "Am I just being weak?" "Admitting I can't cope!" You may not think you need it. You may be sceptical of its worth. You may even feel that you have nothing to talk about, or explore. That was me, but psychotherapy revolutionised my own life. The process was challenging , often because I did not having language to verbalise how I was feeling. However, the presence of an attuned, empathic therapist, who by letting herself 'be with me' in all my presentations, enabled me to contact parts of my self I did not know existed. I came face-to-face with a truth that liberated me and was finally able to accept myself, with all my experiences. I am ready to support you on your personal journey. I work with adults 18+. Some of the issues I work with Age-related issues Cultural Issues Health-related issues Difference and Diversity International clients Displacement Transition/Change Hopelessness Helplessness Loss Uncertainty Fear Failure Shame I am particularly interested in supporting employees emotionally impacted by recent or ongoing organisational change, restructuring or transitioning of roles. In times of uncertainty and change experience a sense of 'safety', therapeutic 'holding' and 'containment' within the boundaries of psychological therapy..

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Age-related Issues Anxiety Cultural Issues Employment Difficulties Private Practice Issues Race Issues Relationships Trauma


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