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Teaching Kindness

Is kindness something that can be taught? Is it just about doing good deeds or is it something much more? The Happiness Project- a series of lessons I've designed and taught for small groups of children with challenging behaviour, looks (in part) at kindness and the impact it has on our happiness.
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Jul 07, 2015

Teaching Young People About Happiness

‚ÄčI had a heated debate once with an acquaintance who told me I ought to be happy. Just like that. I should be happy. "What, all the time?" I asked. This person thought, yes, I should be at all times. It was almost like this happiness thing was a physical something that a person could simply obtain and keep. Maybe if I searched in my handbag, I'd find it with the tissues and the crumbs? I'm sure I had it the other day..
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Apr 22, 2015