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About Nicola Fulstow

I'm a juggling working mum of two girls, who looks after a company that promotes the wellness of people at home, through the rituals they create in their day using technology to help them to relax and restore. I also work as a Coach with mostly with busy, frantic mums or working women who are feeling lost, drained or empty, helping them to rediscover their mojos, redefine their routines, and reinvent themselves to unleash their best selves within a passion-filled life. I focus on self-nourishment and wellness created through practical, realistic daily rituals and routines that change your life overnight when implemented. I have been intrigued by human psychology, behaviour and the pathways we create in our brains since the age of 14. It's no accident that I gave birth to a child with autism, who has taught me more than I could ever imagine about being your authentic self, rather than creating a version of yourself that you think will please others.

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Feeling Drained? Why Work-Life Balance is a Myth, but Work-Life Boundaries are the Answer.

If you are feeling drained from giving to others all day long, you need to read this, because there is a way back to your spark, that you know still lives within you. Burnout, if you use it, can be the first step on the path to discovering your most authentic, fulfilling life.


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