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Michelle Stromgren

Marketing Consultant and Performance Coach, Owner - www.cvornotcv.com

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You've got to keep going to get anywhere.

Chartered marketer and certified coach providing support through career and business transitions, a mother of two and organiser of many and founder/owner of a social networking group for women.

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The importance of small goals

What a revelation. An evening discussing goal setting and I should have been in my element. After all, I'd only been helping to formulate goals earlier in the day with my clients. Each day, it seems, if I'm not reading about the importance of goal setting I'm either ensuring goals are created appropriately or I'm working toward one.
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Nov 28, 2015

Why 20 minutes is all you need

We're either obsessed with exercise or we can't find the time to do any. There's not much middle ground. That's what I learnt at our last Happiness meet up. "How can we get more movement in to our daily lives" sounds an easy enough question. Yet why do so many of us see it as a low priority in our never ending To-Do list?
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Jul 29, 2015

Connecting through music

Who doesn't love to sing? Even in the shower or in the car. Have you ever found yourself singing along to the car radio only to find someone adjacent to you in a traffic jam looking at you oddly? Perhaps that only happened to me. Twice. Well fortunately our Happiness group decided upon a Karaoke evening to practice the art of connecting. ‘Any excuse to sing’ I thought. However crooning along to the likes of a Whitney Houston track is not all that we achieved at our month 3 Happiness meet-up.
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Jul 16, 2015