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About Olga Frankow

Hi, I’m Olga. I am a life coach and speaker, supporting and empowering professional women to unravel the busyness of their lives. By combining my corporate experience with my customised coaching programmes, I help stressed and overwhelmed working women find more balance and wellbeing. My clients are often women working in demanding roles, who are committed to their careers but feeling weighed down by the never-ending pressures of corporate life. I use my expertise as a certified coach and previous project manager to guide clients towards creating a more sustainable work-life balance, with enough time for all the things they cherish in life. In my client sessions, we work together on clarifying goals and priorities, identifying obstacles, and on building both a positive mindset and increased self-esteem.

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How to Never Give Up Your Dreams and Still Build a Trustworthy Relationship

It is common to think that dreams are mainly a childhood prerogative, while adults operate only with known facts and circumstances. We forbid ourselves to dream high, believing that it is safer to be down to earth with no risk involved whatsoever. In many couples, it becomes a taboo to discuss anything of that matter. As people tend to be critical and often sarcastic about their partners’ fantasies. Therefore, even if person envisions any bright future for her idea or intention, she keeps it for herself or forgets about it altogether. Usually unsatisfied couples try to constantly disapprove and challenge each other’s aims, making all effort to almost deride one another’ hopes. Which leads to further emotional distance between them.

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