Isabelle Winkler

Founding Partner, West Lexham Holistic Hub
  • West Lexham Holistic Hub
  • United Kingdom

About Isabelle Winkler

My life-long inquiry into the nature of the universe was inspired by my parents who started teaching me about useful tools to navigate the landscape of life from a young age. My awe of both the machine and mystery of the human mind lead to a Masters in Philosophy and Psychology and continued personal study of comparative religion; a committed self-help junkie phase; a world-wide quest amongst indigenous cultures and current obsession with the meeting of science and spirituality. There is no easy win, one-fits-all map of this journey (sadly) but I do know the terrain, can read the road signs and have a head torch. So if you’d like some hand holding to start digging a little deeper, I’m here to help. The bigger picture though is to pass on to you the tried and tested tools to meet your own yellow brick road with a confident hop, skip and a jump. MA Psych&Philosophy; CTI trained coach; Vortex Energy Healer

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