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Caroline Rae

Executive Performance Coach, Caroline Rae Coaching
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Rachel White

Facilitator, Facilitated

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MD Haidar

Research Assistant, University of Malaya

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Pauline Hughes

Executive Coach & Strategic Comms Consultant, Pauline Hughes Limited; Vivid State

Coaching leaders and teams to make a bigger impact, be more resilient, and build better relationships. Brings corporate expertise as former Communications Director. ICF accredited. Associate Mind Gym coach.
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Sharon Peake

Coach & Founder, Shape Talent Ltd

I am an experienced coach and career development leader with over 20 years' experience in global blue chip businesses focused on career development for individuals and strategic people management for organisations. I specialise in helping upwardly mobile female managers and executives to achieve their potential, navigate career transitions and ensure a fulfilling and rewarding career. My coaching area of focus is all things to do with careers and ensuring fulfilment, performance and effectiveness at work, successfully transitioning to a leadership role, dealing with confidence and imposter syndrome, making an impact on return from maternity leave or other career breaks, helping navigate career 'junctions' and decisions, considering and making career changes, finding your career 'mojo' and other related topics to help achieve a fulfilling and rewarding career. How I work: As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist I bring a psychological perspective to my coaching, looking at the underlying factors that influence the way we behave and respond to situations. Where it helps the client I can use a range of psychometric assessments to bring greater clarity and self-awareness to patterns of behaviour. My clients describe me as insightful, open, warm, encouraging and focused on ensuring the client’s success. My credentials: I have spent two decades looking at which individuals get appointed to jobs, which are most successful, which are able to successfully navigate their careers, and which aren’t. With a deep working understanding of what organisations look for in their people, I also offer strategic career management services, in the form of bespoke workshops and (soon) retreats. I am fascinated by careers and career development and have conducted and published research and spoken at various international conferences on this topic. As an expert I have been quoted in Forbes and Virgin.com. With senior leadership experience in global organisations I have lived many of the career and leadership challenges my clients face. I am passionate about helping women to achieve their full potential and this was the basis for founding Shape Talent Ltd – a boutique coaching and consultancy business with a mission to help significantly more women achieve senior leadership roles in business. In addition to being an experienced psychologist, I am also an accredited CCS Career Coach, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and hold memberships with the Association for Coaching, Career Development Institute, the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, the Health & Care Professionals Council and the Psychometrics Forum. Other interests My out-of-work interests include spending time with my daughter, scuba diving, shark spotting, big cats and wildlife conservation. I am a Trustee of Born Free, a leading wildlife charity.
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Tracy James

Life and Team & Leadership Coach, bright yellow coaching

Life and work can feel fast paced and full of expectations, challenges and stuff and things to fill our time with – not all of them in line with who we want to be and how we want to feel. Often our mindset can be the biggest blocker to creating the changes that move us closer to that - whether that be confidence, understanding your preferences or purpose, knowing your values and what’s truly important to you, self-awareness or ability to stretch outside of a well-worn in comfort zone. My purpose as a Team & Leadership and Life & Career coach is support you in achieving the self-awareness and empathy required to know your purpose and what feels right for you. To support you in overcoming blockers – whether internal or external. To help you understand and mobilise your unique strengths and superpowers whilst mitigating your development areas, and to help you formulate and implement informed, realistic and viable action plans. In other words, help you get clarity, find purpose, smash blockers and move forward in your life and your career. I am an accredited ACC coach with the ICF, trained with Barefoot Coaching and studied Business and Personal Coaching with the University of Chester. I pull on an eclectic mix of techniques from systemic and leadership methodologies, to values and strengths tools that I tailor in personalised programmes for each of my clients. I work particularly effectively with those seeking to move forward from emotional drains such as anxiety, lack of confidence or loss and towards a more purposeful life and career and in supporting leaders to lead with authenticity, influence and confident impact. I offer a free 30-minute discovery session to help you find out more about the process and how we might work together. From here you will take away a personalised programme proposal to review to help you decide on the best way forward for you. If you would like to explore this further please book your free discovery session here https://calendly.com/brightyellowcoaching/30min. If you would like to know what my clients say, check out my testimonials here https://www.brightyellowcoaching.com/testimonials.