Why You Should Celebrate EVERY Thing You Do

Celebrating even the smallest of jobs done, is a sure fire way to build success in to your life. If you're a business owner with big dreams, wild ideas and monumental money goals, learning to celebrate every win will make success inevitable.

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Oct 04, 2018

Do you celebrate every success, every win, every achievement and every thing done, no matter how small?

If not, you're really missing out on a fantastic tool for building your success muscle!

I bet that even when you do achieve success, you beat yourself up a bit for not doing as well or as soon as you ‘could’ or ‘should’ have done. .
Or maybe you say "yes but" each time you're congratulated.

We're brought up to fit in, be quiet, stay small and safe and insignificant. Not to rock the boat, or make waves. 

How about you say no to that and instead you celebrate the shizzle out of EVERY thing you do?

Start by giving yourself a high five for the small things like washing your dishes (sounds lame, but it really works as a way to get you in to the habit of celebration!).  

Get used to celebrating every step forward.

Do a happy dance when you take action in your business even though you feel scared. Pop a bottle of bubbly for doing that fb livestream that you've been talking about doing F.O.R.E.V.E.R...

The more you celebrate the small steps and the little wins, the easier it will be to achieve big success.


Because you'll be rewiring your beliefs and you'll be training yourself to think and feel and act like a person who succeeds.

We're meant to be happy.

When we're happy we perform at our best.

Celebrating all your successes builds self confidence and belief in your ability to achieve more successes. With that belief, you'll take action, which will lead to success, which will boost self confidence.

Your self-esteem loves celebrating success. 

It can't do that if you only give time and energy to your limiting beliefs.

Imagine you have a limiting belief which says that you can't achieve the level of success you desire in your business. 

Look at how this belief limits your ability to take action and how that impacts your ability to succeed.

It feels c**p doesn't it.

Instead, think about how you'd prefer to feel. What belief would you rather have?

Now create a statement that sums up this new way of being and repeat it whenever your old belief pops in to your head.

You've just created a new, empowering belief that will help you achieve success!

So, what are you going to celebrate today?

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Jane Rapin

Success Coach & Mindset Mentor, Get Your Perfect


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Mimi 2 months ago

Good reminder, thank you :) I still have the imposter syndrome sometimes (why would I celebrate that I didn't do anything special etc. and we never celebrated any accomplishment when I was a child), but at 26 I manage to celebrate more and more little things I do and it makes me feel so happy. It's giving yourself love, which I didn't know how until I acknowledge my action now. Last one was: 'I am proud of myself for having deciding to stay home cause I am sick today and going to take care of my body' yea! haha thanks x  

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Jane Rapin 2 months ago

it’s great to read that you’re celebrating more and more Mimi! I applaud your courage and determination to succeed. You are amazing. Everything you do is worthy of celebration x