3 Quick Tips to Stop Wasting Time & Increase Your Productivity

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Oct 19, 2018

Do you ever get frustrated that another day has passed, and you still haven’t done all the things that have been lurking on your to do list for days, or even weeks?

Are you like many of us who are trying to be everything to everyone, and then getting to the end of the day feeling annoyed that you didn’t manage to finish everything?

 Or, do you wake up each morning feeling overwhelmed at all the things you need to achieve that day.


3 Quick Tips You can use Every Day

If all of the above sound familiar then you may want to read on, because below I want to share with you my 3 Quick Tips that I use every day that have massively increased my productivity.

1. Plan your day the night before

Sounds like a no brainer you’re thinking? You may actually already do some planning and prep the night before eg; getting your clothes ready for work/getting the uniforms out for school – but do you actually sit down and spend 10 minutes reflecting on what you accomplished that day and what you would like to achieve tomorrow?

 All you need to do is write out the 5 most important things you want to get done tomorrow. 

This simple task can drastically increase your productivity, and really helps me to feel ahead of the game each morning.  

 2. Get Up Half an Hour Earlier in the Morning

Or even an hour earlier if you can manage it!! 

Carving out some time for yourself in the morning can be like gold dust. I call it my Golden Hour. (Sometimes part of my Golden Hour can become my Golden 15 minutes if my little girl decides to get up super early, but that’s ok – even 15 minutes can be enough to get yourself in the right mindset) 

This time is for YOU.

Some things you can do during this time can be:

  • 1.Going out for a brisk walk
  • 2.Yoga in the lounge
  • 3.Review your key priorities for the day.
  • 4.Practice Thankfulness (more commonly known at the moment as Gratitude)
  • 5.Practice Mindfulness
  • 6.Visualisation

If you can get into the habit every day of finding that extra time every morning for yourself and practicing even a two or three of these then you will be amazed at how energised you feel, and how much your productivity improves.

(All of the above warrant a blog post just to talk through each point, so I’ll post this over the next few weeks.)

3. Stop Multitasking

Or rather, become Laser Focused which seems to be the buzz word of the moment.

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking does not actually expand the brains capacity. Instead it only increases its cognitive load therefore reducing the attention we give to each thing.

One Single Task at a time

Once I adopted this way of navigating through my day I was quite shocked at how much more I could get done by focusing on just ONE thing at a time. 

 Step 1

Take a task at work for example – write on a piece of paper that 1 thing you are going to work on for the next 45 minutes.

Step 2 

Now close down all email/mobile devices/distractions. (this could mean putting your phone on airplane mode or even moving the phone out of the room)

Step 3

Laser focus on that ONE task – and if you find yourself getting distracted, stand up walk around for a few seconds, then come back and remind yourself of that 1 task on the piece of paper and GET THE TASK DONE!


This even works when you’re at home and trying to complete chores…. If you know you’re that person that gets distracted every 5 minutes checking your phone for social media updates or emails or texts, then just move it somewhere you won’t have that distraction so that you can finish the thing you’re currently focussing on.


Increased Productivity Challenge

Are you ready to challenge yourself and try this out for at least the next 7 days?

I’d love to hear how you get on, what you noticed differently and if your productivity increases? 

 Please do get in touch and let me know your thoughts or questions at beccafcoaching@gmail.com or click on My Profile to see more about what it might be like to work with me!



Go to the profile of Becca Forshaw - Coach

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