Why Thinking Time should be THE most Important part of your day!

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Nov 08, 2018

I’m not talking about the thinking time you have when you’re in the car with the radio on. Or lying in bed just about to go to sleep. 

No, I’m talking about simple unadulterated time to think. Just you and your thoughts.


Life is so busy, and when we do have down time, we’re often multi-tasking eg; catching up on social media with one eye on the tv, or using your spare half hour to catch up with someone on the phone.

But have you ever tried just sitting without the distraction of any music, tv or people around you? Or walked somewhere without having your headphones in when you’d usually either be listening to an audiobook or music?

Yes, I agree it’s comforting to be surrounded by friends/work colleagues or family at different times in the day, enjoying hobbies or chilling with the radio on, but I also truly believe that having time to ponder should NOT be underestimated.


So many things can come out of this precious time.

  • A chance for you to just reboot
  • To gain clarity on something that’s been bothering you
  • Allow your creative mind to be reignited 
  • Just enjoy the now 
  • Work out your priorities 
  • Recall funny times / sad times
  • Finally make that Decision


Yesterday evening I went for a walk over the fields near my house and made a point of not putting my headphones in.

I didn’t have anything in particular to “work through”, I just wanted to be alone with my own thoughts.

What came was very unexpected. 


As I started my journey back down the fields, I started thinking about my dad who was a farmer and passed away 7 ago. From nowhere an overwhelming sense of love flooded through me, (I know this sounds a bit over the top!) but genuinely I cannot explain it any other way. As I let my tears fall, I was not crying out of sadness but more because I felt so moved and so loved by him that it was all consuming. I also realised that because of him, I am also very loving and for that I am thankful.

I’m glad I chose not to put my headphones in for yesterdays’ walk, because if I had, then I would have missed out on the amazing feeling I had thinking about my dad, not with sadness, but with an overriding feeling of being blessed.

I’m not saying that time with your own thoughts needs to be profound (sometimes I just use the time to think about my to do list!) more that it is just good for the soul, and worth trying once in a while!


 Do you owe it to yourself to try it? 

I'd love you to get in contact by clicking on My Email once you’ve had some thinking time, to let me know what it was like for you, or if anything shifted in you? 

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Go to the profile of Becca Forshaw - Coach

Becca Forshaw - Coach

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