Julie Leoni

Regenerative living coach, author, podcaster, facilitator, educator, Dr
Stephanie Withers

Artist/Energy Healer, Stephanie Withers

Claire Cook

Trainee psychotherapist, Regents university

Karen foster

Family coordinator


Stay at home mum

Marta Stachurska

Teacher of Mathematics in a small independent SEND school, The Southover Partnerships School

Ludmila Bacarova

Healthcare Compliance Specialist , n/a

Maria Tynan

Artistic Recreational Thinker

Sarah Woodward

Breakup and divorce coach, Sarah Woodward Coaching

I am an award-winning breakup and divorce coach for women and one of the first Accredited Breakup and Divorce Coaches in the UK. I am a qualified coach with Barefoot training. I help women to rediscover themselves as individuals and rise up after the turmoil of their breakup so that they can move on with their lives and embrace their future, in a way that excites them. It is my mission to empower women to believe that even though that future may be different it can still be amazing. I use proven tools and strategies to help my clients move on with their lives, let go of the past, and find the happiness again that they deserve. I went through my own divorce many years ago now and my whole world was shattered. I spent many years in therapy, with chronic depression, grieving and truly lost and I know that if I'd had access to a divorce coach it would have helped me to move on so much quicker. If you are struggling to get over a breakup you can download my 10 Tips to help you get over it here: https://www.sarah-woodward.com/10Tips
Alison Young

Retired, Home


teacher/trainne coach, ollie and his superpOwers, DENI


Risk and Sustainability Manager, Naspers and Prosus group

Sarah Morley

Administrator, DMA

Fathima Adam

Marketing & Communications Manager, SA Tourism


social scientist , self


Product manager , Sixt

Phelisia Boeree

Transformational Wellbeing Coach, Mind Vision coaching

MD Haidar

Research Assistant, University of Malaya

Julie Vincent

Legal secretary

Sharon Peake

Coach & Founder, Shape Talent Ltd

I am an experienced coach and career development leader with over 20 years' experience in global blue chip businesses focused on career development for individuals and strategic people management for organisations. I specialise in helping upwardly mobile female managers and executives to achieve their potential, navigate career transitions and ensure a fulfilling and rewarding career. My coaching area of focus is all things to do with careers and ensuring fulfilment, performance and effectiveness at work, successfully transitioning to a leadership role, dealing with confidence and imposter syndrome, making an impact on return from maternity leave or other career breaks, helping navigate career 'junctions' and decisions, considering and making career changes, finding your career 'mojo' and other related topics to help achieve a fulfilling and rewarding career. How I work: As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist I bring a psychological perspective to my coaching, looking at the underlying factors that influence the way we behave and respond to situations. Where it helps the client I can use a range of psychometric assessments to bring greater clarity and self-awareness to patterns of behaviour. My clients describe me as insightful, open, warm, encouraging and focused on ensuring the client’s success.
Janet Hill

Business Owner, The Hills