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Scott Peltin is co-author of ‘Sink, Float, or Swim’ and chief performance officer at Tignum, an international team that helps leaders work at their full potential. Prior to co-founding the firm in 2005 with Jogi Rippel, he held leading positions in the US fire service for 25 years. Scott works daily with chief executives and leaders at various levels large organisations to prepare them mentally and physically for the demands of high pressure jobs. Many of them are already pretty fit, but often they’re not fit enough. By ‘fit’ he means being in great physical shape, but having well above-average mental agility, alertness, energy, resilience and stamina. Tackling this isn’t just about effort, it’s actually about taking a smart approach and doing proactive work to develop resilience and the best mindset for continuous high performance under tough conditions. After all, we don’t take chances on testing and preparing the hardware and assets in business because we understand how to engineer them. Why then do we apparently still fear the challenge of ’engineering’ sustainable high performance in our most important, most exposed people?

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