My Tip For Living Your Best Life In 2016

Hi guys! I'm Dalano Kyle, I'm a Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor. This video is my tip for you on how to live your best life in 2016.

Feb 04, 2016

Hi guys! I'm Dalano Kyle, I'm a Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor. This video is my tip for you on how to live your best life in 2016. I hope you enjoy, much love.

Psychologies and Hay House ran a competition in January 2016 to find the wisest new voice for 2016. We have now shortlisted our favourite five entrants. We were looking for a fresh and distinctive voice with a relevant message for our current times. If you enjoyed Lydia's entry then please vote.

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Dalano Kyle

Spiritual Life Coach, The Spiritual Artisan

SHORT BIO Hi! I'm a Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor. I help people understand what it means to tune into their essence and how doing that is the greatest strength they have for living a happy and fulfilled life. I assist people in becoming the master artisan, shaping and creating their reality to mirror the unique expression of their souls. MORE ABOUT ME.... "You are too much. You talk too much. You are showing off. Stop daydreaming!" These were words drilled into my head, throughout my childhood. I am sure many of you have heard them too (or other - equally invalidating 'programs') In fact, modern society has been built on these mantras. A world filled with people who think that - suffering and settling is acceptable, even virtuous. Well, in these daydreams I would experience the polar opposite of what I was being told. A world where our individual essence would shine through. A light that would penetrate every aspect of our lives - brightly on display for all to see. A world where our ears are attuned to the frequency of our hearts, where we dance to the music of our individual song. ​ I am devoted to helping as many people as I can, find their light and song once more. Through my personal work as a Transformational Life Coach, I use my extrasensory and creative gifts, to equip others with the tools and knowledge necessary to tune into their essence, and use it as their greatest strength in navigating through life. I transform people's perception of themselves, and the world around them, giving them access to - a higher dimension of awareness that lies dormant within - each of us. Ever since I could remember I have had the feeling of being displaced. I grew up on a small island in the Caribbean called - Jamaica. I spent the first 16 years of my life on this island, before I moved to London, England. Being extrasensory, energetically sensitive and empathic, I did not cope very well with my life in Jamaica (an understatement to say the least). I learnt to suppress myself (severely), because all of my desires and expectations for the world and my self were seemingly non-existant. All aspects of me that wanted to be expressed were even hidden from me in an attempt to convince myself I didn't want more or that there wasn't more. No matter what was stifled, my curiosity could not be hidden. Moving to England, catalysed my spiritual awakening or activation. I began to observe and compare. I realised that different places had different variations of right and wrong, of divinity and humanity. I decided to step out of the context of right and wrong, and my previous social conditioning ('programming'), to listen to what had been trying to get my attention for so long: myself. Opening up to myself - I slowly unlearned who I thought I was. Then, I re-learned how to be: me. This process facilitated a growth that allowed me full access to my abilities and gifts. Now, I am committed to helping people cross the threshold - into self awareness, self discovery and self actualization. I am here to help you live your dreams!


Andria Hood over 3 years ago

Dalano, Voted & shared on my FB page. Good luck Gorgeous! XX Andria

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Raul Flores over 3 years ago


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Voted, good luck!! ^_^ <33

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I just signed up to support you, I think you are awesome!

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Good luck Delano :)

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you go Dalano!!!

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Beautiful message, Delano!

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Dalano is so giving, his heart is pure light.

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Voted! Good luck!

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Voted! You can totally do this Dalano :)

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Dalano's the best!

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Nice ♥ :D ++ Voted

Menlo Parker over 3 years ago

A pleasure and an honor you beautiful soul!

Eva Iros over 3 years ago

I have received help from Dalano and it is been spot on! I dare say we are a bit of FB friends ever since. I recommend Dalano as he has an intuitive and sensitive approach.

Bianca Kinane-Ewart over 3 years ago

I love this video! I wish you all the very best Delano. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ophelia Jane over 3 years ago

Supporting with love, sweet soul

Helena C Carta over 3 years ago

Good Luck Dalano!!! You will do this xx

Diane Dittbrenner over 3 years ago

Good luck to you Dalano I'm rooting for you!!!! Love ya!

Peter Thorson over 3 years ago

I love this guy!

Tee-Na Tran over 3 years ago

Good luck , I hope you win

Pinky Jangra over 3 years ago

I love this! Your energy is beautiful - best of luck in this and I look forward to meeting you at the event in March! :) xx

Mikhayiyl Rogers over 3 years ago

Retcently I have been going through a lot of Stress , this past week I flick On he video and they just made me feel so much better

Brilliant! Best of luck to you!

Anne Dorman over 3 years ago

Your video is energetic and uplifting and put me in a very positive place. Best wishes Dalano

Robert Venturi over 3 years ago

His videos have had a major impact in my week to week life. I knew he was gonna go far! I especially like his "random topic" videos

Ed Ward over 3 years ago

Awesome tone, great speaker, very calming voice, over all very talented guy and very inspirational!

La Salsera over 3 years ago

Great job! I always enjoy your perspective. Good luck!

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Dalano Kyle knows what's up.

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Good luck!

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I voted for you. :)

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Hope all is well... You are a great inspiration

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Good luck, darling :) you´ve got my vote.

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:D Good Luck!

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Thanks. I return to you the miracle of Love.

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You def should win!!

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You are amazing; looooove your message :) :) :)

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Beautiful dude!

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This is awesomee

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You are dooing great! : )

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You have my vote Light Worker!

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Fangirling it up for ya

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Voted for you bro! Your truth is great!

Henry Hamilton over 3 years ago

Voted for you bro! Your truth is great!

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I also signed up to support you.
Good luck my dude.

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Love you message and the light that shines from your lovely face.