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Deborah Crowe is a Menopause Coach for Career Women struggling with menopause symptoms. She is the author of The Darling Menopause Series and she runs 121 coaching, workshops and gives talks on how women can combat stress and plan for and manage the menopause. From severe burnout and coming back from the brink to reinvent herself, she learnt about the consequences of years of unmanaged stress when she hit the perimenopause in her 40s. The Dalai Lama said: “Western women will save the world” Deborah Crowe says: “HEALTHY women will save the world!” After 35 years working in the aid sector overseas, starting with the UN and finishing with Save the Children doing major emergency planning on the front-line, she is turning her talents to helping women over 40 on the front-line of their lives. Deborah helps ‘super women’ who are juggling menopause, high stress work, household and caring family duties. Using her proven process, The Menopause Breakthrough Method, clients go from exhausted and constantly living off adrenaline to being calmer, more productive and nicer people! AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT ON: Top 5 tips on how women over 40 can improve their health The 7 most common ways women sabotage their menopause at work and at home without realising it The gender pay gap Surprising ways the menopause can be FANTASTIC for you. How Women Over 40 can save the NHS Stress and Working Women Three top things to unlock your top ten years ever Have Women Over 40 got the right tools and info to make sure that their next decade is the best in their life? EXPERT TOPICS: Personal development and growth Long term strategic planning Major emergency and crisis planning Workshop facilitation Curriculum development

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