About My Tights won't Stay Up!

Hello! We are two wimmin that who ourselves often bemused by life in general and stuff ‘for women’ in particular. As young lasses we saw a world promised to us on telly, in magazines and adverts where we would become lithe, graceful, organised goddesses and yet we still make an utter hash of eyeliner, trip over our own feet, make odd snorting sounds when we laugh and ladder our effing tights. Either, we are lone feminine disasters in a world of perfection or… we were lied to and no-one smiles like that when moisturising and stroking their own legs… the jury’s out dear readers. At the very least we shall entertain you with our mundane lady catastrophes involving tweezers or perhaps we might discover that we are not alone in the agony of H&M’s woefully lit changing rooms or being patronised in Maplins. Lotsa love, Flora and Iris

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