I would love to start a happiness group but I don't have four friends!

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Rebecca Mansell on Jun 05, 2015 • 4 answers
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Whenever I have tried to start groups in the past, I have received zero interest. Advertising is also very expensive. How do I attract people to this idea?


Rebecca, Happy Friday!
A question for your question!... Have you let people know what would be involved in time, commitment etc in your happiness group? People have a cynicism these days! First of all , have a think about what would attract YOU to a happiness group? Think WIFM (What's in it for me?)

I would also avoid a blanket public announcement on social media as you want to attract the right people to your group. Who do you know in your own social circle and at work who you think would be great for your group?

Does that help? It might be I don't have the full story so feel free to expand!
Amanda x

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Amanda Alexander on Jun 05, 2015
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Hi Rebecca - getting things started is always a bit of a challenge. but don't be put off. People always need support to live a happier life. My suggestion would be make a list of people you know, family friends, colleagues, local people and offer them a special invitation to your group. Let them know what is involved, what they will gain and that your group is by invitation only. wishing you every success, oh a wee quote: "You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be Great!!" Enjoy!

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Caroline Shola Arewa on Jun 05, 2015
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Great advice already from Amanda and Caroline. Perhaps you could look at some local networking groups? That will enable you to make some new contacts who may be interested to join your club :)

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Dr Eva Detko, PhD on Jun 05, 2015
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For me, I asked people who I wanted to get closer to, people who I liked but were more colleague/acquaintance than friend. I would approach people who you already know versus strangers.

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Suzy Walker on Jun 08, 2015
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