Ive been dating a woman for over a year! Havent havent heard"i love you" since,came christmas,presents were bought for friends,yet i got nothing? :-( i did go out of my way to get a few for her!

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henry on Jan 04, 2017 • 1 answer
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Is this just a convenience relationship? I so desire adoration internally! VERY DISAPPOINTED! and hurt,feel that there is no value in the relationship!


Hi Henry,
Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you are feeling very disappointed and hurt. It feels terrible when ones expectations are not met. You mention you have been 'dating a woman for over a year', you don't call her your girlfriend, which makes me wonder whether she thinks the two of you are dating? Have you talked about being in an exclusive relationship? (It is not clear whether you spent Christmas together or living together).

If you are in an exclusive relationship and you feel there is no value in it, then maybe it is a good time to reflect on whether you want one with her or not. One option would be to talk to her about how you feel and work out whether you can improve the relationship together. After a year, it is a valid conversation to have. Talk about what you both want, what your expectations, desires, wants and needs are, and how you can best move forward.

If you feel there is no future with her and things won't improve, it might be time to end it with her and find someone that gives you the feeling of adoration you desire. Maybe sit down and write down what values are important to you in a relationship and have an honest discussion with her about what her values are, and what kind of relationship you both would like. This can be difficult to do, if you haven't tried having this type of conversation. Maybe practice with a friend and build the courage to have the conversation with her.

You have a choice, pick the one that feels the best for you. You can do it!
Good luck.
Best wishes,

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Madeleine Mason on Jan 04, 2017
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