I met a guy on Facebook and we started chatting and talking. He initiated everything,from chatting to video calling,But then he seems disinterested.If I leave him,he comes back. If I pay attention he

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Harshleen Kaur on Dec 06, 2016 • 2 answers
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Seems disinterested. It's been 2 months and I don't know if I should stay or leave. Please help


He seems to be playing a game with you.
Do you want to play along or would you rather give your time and energy to someone who is consistent, and who makes an effort to get to know you better?
If you've had contact with him by social media for two months I'd expect that you would be further on than this with him. Perhaps he isn't really available or genuinely interested in a real relationship with you.
Maybe it's time to make a decision that is going to bring you what you want from a man and a relationship - where both people make the effort to get to know one another and see how compatible they are after the initial attraction stage.
I wish you well in finding the right partner who wants more than game playing with you... they do exist. Please don't settle for less.

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Maxine Harley on Dec 06, 2016
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I agree with Maxine. This is often, unfortunately, typical behaviour of a sort of person who needs to feel needed. When that neediness is met, they lose interest. Then, when the attention once again disappears, they become needy again. It can come across as a game (and sometimes it is) but at the core there's a deeply needy individual who until they themselves understand what they are looking for, will only ever able to be superficial for their partners. It might feel that they need you; it's more likely, they need to be needed.

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Emily Jacob on Dec 06, 2016
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